After Five Months of Dressing Your Truth – Type 4/3 Before and After

DYT Before and After

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  1. Brittney

    Awesome! I love it, and I love the new you!! I loved you before but you really do seem so much happier and sure of yourself. Who would have thought DYT could make such a difference. I’m still learning but love the insights I’ve gained already! Thanks for your advice and inspiration!

  2. Shelli

    Gorgeous! An amazing transformation. I agree, the internal benefits are just as fantastic as the external. Way to go!!!

  3. Mandi

    Wow.I loved the journey of your blog.Such a great idea to take a picture of your outfit of the day to just be your own observer.I will definitely try that.I can relate to so many things in your journey and find relief and comfort in like minded people just trying to live their truth.Thanks so much!

  4. Malia

    I love your transformation so much! You are a big inspiration to me. It took me a long time to figure out my secondary, but I hope I can fine tune my style as amazingly as you have now. 🙂 So glad you posted this!

  5. Leo

    Good stuff April. Keep it up!

  6. Kris G.

    Love your heart, April. Before, during, and after. Way to embrace the you that the Lord made and set her free to shine.

  7. Nicki

    You look fanatastic! I enjoyed reading about your journey. It’s inspiring reading about how you learned to accept all of your strengths and weaknesses and understanding your different personality traits while learning to embrace them.

    You are beautiful inside and out. I love your new look (I loved the old look too, let’s face it you always look good :))

  8. Nicole Evertsen

    Well I had the opportunity of living with April for 4 months and oh how amazing she is! I’ve learned with her so much and I know how amazing she is inside! I’m so happy that now you look what you really are inside! I love the crazy fun look! That’s how you are inside! The coolest mom ever! I’m so proud of your changes and of how you always want to become better for you, your kids and your husband.. I’ve always told you that you are an inspiration for me and you never disappoint me on that. 🙂

    I love you!!!!

  9. Christina

    WOW that’s an amazing transformation. Congratulations on finding your true self!

  10. Jen Peterson

    You go girl!! You are so amazing April! Thank you for sharing your journey! You know how much I love Dressing Your Truth, not only because it’s a simple way to look amazing but it allows you to understand and accept who you are, and as a lovely side effect it allows you to see and understand others for who they truly are inside! I love seeing you own it April! You are so stunningly gorgeous both inside and out!

  11. Brandi Sherman

    I just want to hug you ????! Loved all the new posts. A ton of great information. I’ve recently started paring down my closet and it all really makes sense.
    Your true self is beautifully fierce and I’m glad she is coming out to play!

  12. Alicia

    You are a total babe, I need to read this book.

  13. Lora


  14. Lisa

    I should definitely look into this. I definitely don’t feel like I dress how I feel most days! Not to mention I’ve always struggled with style. Very cool April!

  15. Jennifer

    “…dress to channel the energy for the day…” Yes! It’s amazing how significantly we can affect our energies with our choice of clothing and accessories.

    Our styles are a bit different (I’m more casual and have a different way to project a bit of s3 edge), but seeing your OsOTD and reading your thought process has helped me more than anything else I’ve read or videos I’ve watched on this energy profiling journey.

    What you say really resonates with me and sparks ideas. Thank you for that.

  16. April (Post author)

    Thank you everyone for your supportive comments. I really appreciate it.

  17. Anonymous

    Wow April! So amazing! I have been studying the materials for four years now…and I am finally certain that I am a 4/3 as well. You wrote down the EXACT description of me when talking about yourself! Congratulations you look stunningly hot and thanks for helping me to clarify my true nature. YAY for you and thank you Carol Tuttle for these amazing tools!

  18. Britt

    Wow April! So amazing! I have been studying the materials for four years now…and I am finally certain that I am a 4/3 as well. You wrote down the EXACT description of me when talking about yourself! Congratulations you look stunningly hot and thanks for helping me to clarify my true nature. YAY for you and thank you Carol Tuttle for these amazing tools!

  19. April (Post author)

    Britt I’m so glad you found something that resonates with you. Try it out. Dress 4/3 and see if it feels right to you. I’d live to hear from you again to know if it is right for you. I don’t know if you read the posts about my 30-day challenge, but I share a lot more thoughts, though I was unknowingly dressing as a 4/1.

  20. Erica

    You are such an inspiration! After so much obsessing and over analyzing, I finally figured out today that I am a type 4 and I am so glad I found your blog. These selfies are so helpful to me. Thank you and congrats on your new fierce look!

  21. Anonymous

    The T4 transformation is fabulous! You look amazing!!!!!

  22. April (Post author)

    Erica, I encourage you to take your own selfies as you take this journey. It will help you see trends, what you like and don’t and why. I wrote a post about the power of selfies. I’m still refining my look and feeling more and more like myself.

  23. Nathalie

    what an amazing transformation! you were beautiful before, but after, WOW. The confidence just exudes right off the page! Thank you, very inspiring. (I’m just discovering that I’m a type 4 after believing I was a 1 for a year… Big changes coming up! )

  24. April (Post author)

    Thank you Nathalie! What a compliment. Good luck on your T4 journey. I would love to see a before and after!

  25. Nancy Johnson

    April, I loved your post. I’ve been following DYT for many months now. Thought I was a T1, then realized I was actually a T4 (unsure of secondary) and dressed as such for a few months, liked it OK, but doubts persisted. One thing I knew for sure: I WAS NOT a Type 3. But what was I? Well, Carol Tuttle was right: If you can’t decide, you’re probably not being honest with yourself. It turns out I am a Type 3. I’ve been working all my life to bury my true self, believing a softer woman would be more likeble. My true T3 self is so buried inside me that I had no idea that was me. Now that I’ve opened up and allowed an honest assessment of myself, I can see it was there all along. And so begins my journey to Live My Truth. DYT has been like free counseling for me! BTW, I have a very strong T4 secondary. Can’t wait to see what the next phase of my life will bring.

    I so enjoyed your post. You’re a great writer and incredibly articulate. (More gifts!) I will be back to explore your blog and when I buy the DYT full course, I will use your link. ?

    Thank you for sharing.

  26. April (Post author)

    Nancy what a relief to recognize and accept yourself! It is such a healing journey, and I’m so glad you have found your place. I strongly encourage you to buy the course. It makes everything so much easier and clearer, and being able to interact on your type board is so validating. I love being with my people in the T4 group. They get me. Thanks for reading my post. I’m going to be moving all of this content to a new blog, and I hope you’ll follow me there. I’ll post it here when I’m ready to launch. Good luck on your journey!

  27. Paula

    Hello April,
    I am a 4/3! You look incredible in all of these pictures. Thank-you for your blog and for posting these beautiful pictures of yourself. They and you have really inspired me! You look breathtaking!

  28. April (Post author)

    Paula thank you! I can honestly say a year later that my style has evolved even more, and I’m even more content in my skin. I’m launching my new blog this week where I will continue sharing weekly outfit posts if you’d like to follow along. I’ll share here when I’m ready to announce it.

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