The Summer Marches On to a Finish

Summer is always so short. I enjoy the easy, casual days and no rushing anywhere.

2013-08-04 10.44.46
We came out the front door and this itty bitty bat was clinging to the stucco above.

2013-08-19 19.08.15
Adam’s company took all the families to a ball game, and our train lovers spotted this train so we took a ride.

Because Georgia’s weight is so low, we are keeping a careful eye on her. I have an excellent food scale, so I put her in this bowl to weigh her. That is how little she is. Just like all of her siblings, she struggles with breast feeding. I had a specialist all lined up for when we were discharged. At first everything seemed fine, but about a week after she came home from the hospital, she got jaundice. They weren’t sure if she was jaundiced because she wasn’t eating enough, or she wasn’t eating enough because she was jaundiced. Thus began the torturous cycle of breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping. It takes two hours per cycle. Then I have an hour to take care of my other 5 kids or myself (ha!). This goes on 24/7. I sit in the chair in my closet feeding and making milk. I even use this little feeder that holds 1 ounce of breast milk clipped to my shirt. It has a tiny tube that I tape to my chest and the end goes in her mouth so she gets extra milk from the bottle as she breastfeeds. Sort of a double bang for her effort. I’ll be honest, this is exhausting, but I’m so determined to breastfeed at least one of my babies.

First day of school. The boys wanted dragon hair cuts (a fauxhawk).

Daisy in one of her imaginative outfits.

Georgia and Brinlee. Georgia started sleeping through the night, so I moved my feeding station out into my bedroom. I kept it in the closet so I wouldn’t wake Adam when there were night feedings. It feels so good to be in the light of day.

Daisy got in my make up.

Of course my platinum baby would go for the goth look.

I swore I wouldn’t can with a new baby. I only planted a minimum of tomatoes for fresh eating, but here we are, canning. Brinlee, Kimball and Sawyer were helping me puree tomatoes. They are getting to be such good helpers.

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