Coming Home

We came home from Thailand so excited to see our kids! Daisy was 23 months old and not walking. She was pigeon-toed, and her feet curved in so much that when she first started pulling up to standing, she stood on the tops of her feet, which were rolled under. That didn’t feel good, so she didn’t like to pull up. We took her to a pediatric orthopedist who said her feet would straighten out within a year. She had physical therapy once a month, and charmed the pants off her therapists. They brought her a walker to practice with, and this is how it was used:

This is what we call inefficient. 🙂

Right after we came home from our trip, she finally started walking! Yay Daisy!

Kimball in one of his very creative costumes

Daddy and his crew.

One day I was missing a Kimball. I finally found him in my closet. Can you see him?

Here he is! Asleep behind my shirts. It appears he came in here to read.

Popcorn at the home show.


Daisy has been saying “Neenaw!!” to me for months, and today I finally figured out what it means. Fingers!

I live in a house with 5 tiny saboteurs. They hide my stuff, undo what I’ve done, break things, spill things, ruin things, create extra work for me, leave booby traps and seem to plot and scheme ways to complicate my complicated life. But they’re cute, and I love them. I wouldn’t trade them (most days).

Case in point: in the two weeks I was gone, my sweet monkeys used half a ream of paper. I just had to unfold a paper airplane and use the backside of a kind of scary drawing to copy receipts for the rebate forms I’m mailing in. Sabotage!

Another thing that has changed? The kids have discovered saran wrap. Now they are suddenly conservationists and want to preserve every last pear bite, sandwich crust, stray grape, cheese shred and lettuce leaf from their plates. *Sigh*

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