Springtime Fun for Everyone

We did a few swim lessons at the rec center, and this happened. These are the conversations of my life (que Days music).

Caisen gets out of the pool and I start herding my 5 kids toward the changing room.
Random stranger: “I can’t believe you made your other 4 children just sit on the sidelines while their brother had a swim lesson!”
Me: “They were in the class before his.”
RS: “Oh. You must homeschool bc your children should be at school right now.”
Me: “They are in afternoon Preschool”
RS: “They can’t all be in preschool.”
Me: “Yes they can. Those three are triplets, they’re 5 and this one is 4.”
RS: “I can’t believe you grew 3 babies in your belly at once! I bet that was horrible.”
Me: “Actually, I almost died, so it was pretty hard.”
RS: “And then you had two more kids! Why would you do that?
Me: “Because I like my kids. I have to go now.”

I have conversations like this just about every time I go out, and I’m still surprised that some people have no filter or good manners.

2012-04-25 10.59.20
They were group lessons

2012-04-25 10.59.35
I’m not sure what they were learning here with life jackets on being towed around the pool

2012-04-25 10.59.41
No one was kicking or propelling themselves in any way.

We also had Easter lunch with Mark and Cheri’s clan and Ellen and Marcel’s family.



We turned the kids loose outside and enjoyed some adult conversation.


I love the playground we’ve made under the tree. Four swings, a slide and a 7-seater teeter-totter make for some seriously good times for a whole lotta kids! They play out there all the time!




Adam also ordered bar stools for the island. I’m so excited, and so are the kids! They are guarding the boxes they came in.

What was less fun is Kimball had another febrile seizure. I know medical professionals say a febrile seizure is no big deal, but as a parent witnessing it in my own child, I assure you it is a very big deal, even if it’s not the first time. We all had the flu, and I couldn’t get their fevers to break. The seizure happened with the onset of the first fever, but I was so worried it would happen again.

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