The Universe is the Great Equalizer

Lest you think we lead a charmed life with perfect children, I will now share our day after Christmas experience. To make up for the extraordinarily good Christmas we had yesterday, today has been pretty horrible.

We were nearly to church when Brinlee projectile vomited all over herself and her carseat. So we turned around, came home. I cleaned her up, cleaned her carseat up. At least, I hope I’m done cleaning her carseat. Getting that smell out of the straps is going to take a miracle. Don’t worry about Brinlee, she’s not sick. It started with a burp and snowballed from there. It happens on occasion. This is the second time it’s happened in the car.

The kids have been fighting over anything they can dream up and have been in and out of time out a record number of times today.

Today we got them up from their naps to find Sawyer sans pants or diaper, and poop spread around, so I’ve been cleaning up a crib full of poop, changing and washing sheets and blankets and clothes, sanitizing and scrubbing and praying I’ve found it all. So I’m on my third load of laundry. First Brinlee’s church dress, then her carseat cover, now Sawyer’s poopy mess. With three hours and 17 minutes until bedtime, I’m hoping they can’t come up with something else disgusting and smelly for me to clean up.

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