Welcome Georgia Rose!!

Our long awaited bundle of baby joined our family! She is absolutely perfect. Georgia Rose weighed 6.5 pounds and was 19 inches long. We make them petite around here.

The name Georgia Rose sounds like music to me. I’ve always loved the name Georgia, but when we lived in Georgia, it seemed weird to name a baby that. Now that we don’t live there anymore, it has even more significance. She is the only one of my children not born there. She is a reminder of a place we love and miss. She is a reminder to me of growing up in the South. Rose is a family name on both sides, just like all of our kids’ middle names. Our ancestors love and protect us, and each of my kids has at least one guardian angel.

The delivery went very smoothly except for the morphine they used made me SO. SICK. for the first 24 hours.

This is the first time I made it to my scheduled c-section.

She was born at 39 weeks, on Memorial Day.

When my doctor suggested Memorial Day I said, “But that’s a holiday!” She said, “I’m on call. I’ll be here anyway. Do you have plans?”

I told her I had considered spending the day waterskiing, but could possibly go a different day.

I didn’t tell people at the time, but Daisy was a twin. I knew I was pregnant with twins before I went in at 6 weeks for an ultrasound. I told the tech to look for two.

I was terrified. I nearly died carrying Brinlee, Kimball and Sawyer. How would I do bed rest with four kids two and under? How would we handle the NICU?

I lost one of the babies. I was surprised, but not sad. I knew we would get the kids we were supposed to have.

The day Daisy was born, I knew, I KNEW, there was another baby coming to our family. Adam said, “What woman talks about another baby hours after a c-section?”

I am certain Georgia was that baby. She is Daisy’s twin that waited her turn because my body couldn’t do it.

When they delivered Georgia, my doctor told me my uterus was so thin that if I had gone into labor I would have ruptured and died. I really don’t think my body could have carried twins, but both of these sweet babies needed to come to our family.

She was worth the wait!

She looks EXACTLY like Caisen.

So this is the end of the Grow train, but what a way to finish! We are so completely smitten with our little angel.

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