DYT T4 4/3 Outfits 3-13-16

T4 Moment: Nothing thrills me like finding the perfect thing, and I tend to fixate on finding that thing until I have success. Whether it is a gift for someone else or something I need for myself. One time I found the cutest swimsuit for my daughter at Target, but they didn’t have her size. I searched all the local stores, and nothing. We were driving across the country to visit my family, and I made my dear, sweet husband stop at every Target along the way. We had success in St. Louis. I know I drive him crazy, but he humors me. He’s a type 3, and their motto is “Good enough.” I rarely go for good enough. I get an idea of what I want, and I don’t stop until I find it.

DYT type 4 4/3 outfit. Black polka dot button up, destroyed jeans, black flats DYT type 4 4/3 outfit. Black sweater, black and white polka dot button up, destroyed jeans, black flats

After a recent conversation about polka dots and clowns, I decided to finally address the last of the dots in my closet. I had purged almost all polka dots from my closet, but I still had this shirt. I haven’t worn this since I started DYT, but I really liked it before. The fit is nice, and I tried to unsweeten it by pairing it with destroyed jeans. I don’t love it. I timed how long it took before I had to change my shirt (10 minutes). I can’t even wear it with a necklace bc of all the movement. I think this is going in the sell pile. It’s all I can see out of my peripheral vision. I put the sweater on top to tame the dots, and that helped, but it’s still not a keeper. Not only are they polka dots (which are a type 1 shape), but they aren’t evenly spaced. They are all random, and they make me crazy. Shirt Merona, jeans Express, shoes Puma sport flats that I’m trying out for an upcoming trip. S3 element diamond shaped earrings.

DYT type 4 4/3 outfit. Cobalt blue polka dot button up, cobalt cardigan, destroyed jeans, silver metallic flats.

Polka dots part deux. This shirt I’ve worn a ton before and after DYT, but always as a bottom layer. I’ll be honest, I gave zero thought to this outfit. I’m very tired and this is what my hands landed on. These polka dots I can wear. They are cobalt blue, which I love, they are small, uniform, the shirt is mostly white, and it adds a little interest as a collar or cuff peaking out. I don’t feel like they are wearing me, which is how I felt yesterday in the big polka dots. If I weren’t so tired I might have sought out other pants (maybe black), but I just don’t care today. These were at the front of my drawer. No one but my kids will see me today, and they don’t care either. FYI, yes I do have two identical pairs of this exact same jean. S3 element is the destroyed jeans.

DYT type 4 4/3 outfit. Striped long sleeve tee, destroyed jeans, red rain boots.2016-03-09 09.27.37 2016-03-09 09.29.11 2016-03-09 10.59.03

I’m back to my beloved stripes. I’m on a kick with these jeans. It’s supposed to rain today, so rain boots it is. I love the zippers on my shirt and boots and these tiny chevron earrings. I’m also still enjoying my trench. I keep thinking about trading for a black one, but it doesn’t appeal to me. As much as I love black, it doesn’t feel very springy. By lunch time, no rain had happened, the skies cleared and it was sunny, so I took off my rain boots and switched to sneakers. Am I the only one who cannot abide wearing rain boots or snow boots unless it is raining/wet on the ground or snowing/snow on the ground? Yes they are cute, but they also serve a specific purpose. I feel the same about athletic wear. It’s for exercise, not errands. S3 elements include zipper detail on my shirt and boots, destroyed jeans, chevron earrings.

DYT type 4 4/3 outfit. Red and white striped Breton tee, dark wash jeans, white converse

More of the same. My stripes and jeans. But look! The stripes are RED instead of black or blue. Am I the only one who buys themselves gifts? For Mother’s Day 2 years ago I bought myself this necklace with each of my kids’ initials. I fixated on finding the perfect thing, and when I didn’t find it, I had it custom made by someone on Etsy. No S3 today.

DYT type 4 4/3 outfit. White button up, destroyed jeans, red flats

Super simple and easy. If you are looking for the greatest button ups ever, the Banana Republic non iron shirts are fabulous. They just changed the name to the Riley shirt, but I have pink, white and black. Simple bar necklace and earrings from Nordstrom, jeans Express, shoes Isola. S3 elements include suede texture of my shoes, destroyed jeans.

DYT type 4 4/3 outfit. Navy and white striped tee, destroyed jeans, white converse

Busy Saturday with the family in…wait for it…STRIPES! And destroyed jeans. Just trying something different. Shirt Banana Republic, jeans Express, sneakers Converse. S3 element destroyed jeans.

We just can’t kick the sickness. Two people had fevers this weekend, so no Sunday outfit. I stayed in loungewear all day because I still wasn’t feeling so hot myself.


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