DYT T4/3 Outfits 4-24-16

T4 moment: I have never been able to hide my thoughts or feelings. My face shows them ALL, especially when I don’t like something. Try as I might, everyone who can see me knows exactly what I’m thinking. My husband teases me that I’m an open book, and I insist there is a shroud of mystery. A girl can dream…

Turquoise and white striped sweater, J. Crew Matinee trench orange, silver necklace, silver wedges

Confessions of a T4 who definitely knows better. I willfully, intentionally, knowingly, recently bought this T1 colored striped sweater because it sparks joy. I love it. And I super love it with the awesome orange hooded trench my friend found for me. I was out all morning and received compliments on my ensemble. Sweater and navy jeans Express, necklace Rivka Frieda, sandals Stuart Weitzman, hooded J. Crew matinee trench. S3 irregular shapes of necklace and texture on the wedges.


41Hawthorn Moni studded blouse, turquoise necklace, navy skinnies, Enzo Angiolini Sahni turquoise suede studded flats.

I’ve decided that if this top is going to be a keeper, the sleeves have to be taken in, and the rivets have to be painted silver. I love the color and pattern and the fit through the body, though. Shirt 41Hawthorn Moni studded blouse, jeans Express, shoes Enzo Angiolini Sahni, necklace indigenous people of Mexico. S3 pattern and studs on the blouse, studs on flats and shape of necklace.

2016-04-20 09.37.20

There is absolutely nothing spectacular about my outfit today EXCEPT that it is perfectly still. I’m minimizing the day’s activities to recover from the last two super crazy days, but I still have to go to the school 3 times today, a stop at the store, do dance drop offs and pick ups, and all the other after school craziness of a Wednesday. My husband has been gone since Sunday. Life is what it is, and I’m supporting myself by wearing something soothing. Even stripes were too much today, and thanks to DYT I knew exactly what I needed. No S3.

Navy and white striped tee shirt dress, silver sandals, silver tassel necklace

I’m trying a little movement in the form of stripes today. This is another striped t-shirt dress I found. Shorter, a little more fitted without being too snug. A colored cardigan or blazer, belt or sandals would be good on another day, but I can’t deal with it today. I’m also trying to decide if this necklace is a keeper. It might be too long and move too much. We shall see. I love the look of it. Dress Coldwater Creek, necklace Banana Republic, sandals Franco Sarto. S3 element necklace.

Navy and white striped shirt, turquoise Kendra Scott Angelina necklace, J. Crew matinee trench orange, silver sandals

My SIL came over to help me Konmari as my birthday present (what an awesome present!). It’s more fun to do it with 2 people, and the project I chose was a huge, overwhelming one I had been dreading. I’m still super comfortable while being presentable to run to my neighbor’s house and back and forth to school for carpool. No S3. Necklace Kendra Scott, sandals Franco Sarto, jeans Express, trench J. Crew, shirt Merona.

Denim shirtdress, silver tassel necklace, silver wedges

I love this structured denim shirtdress, the tassel necklace and braided wedges. I received several compliments at church. I wanted a denim shirt dress forever, but they were always too short or too baggy. This one is perfect. Dress Ann Taylor, necklace Banana Republic, wedges Stuart Weitzman. S3 element tassel necklace and braided texture of wedges.

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6 thoughts on “DYT T4/3 Outfits 4-24-16”

  1. Thanks for sharing all these great outfits. I like that you chose a T1 color because it’s joyful. If it feels like you, it isn’t breaking any rule or guideline. Also, I still wear a pair of dark chocolate brown Frye boots. Just not giving them up and they still work with a lot of what I wear IMO. I’m a T4 with a secondary 2. I like to be comfortable and find a lot of type 4 patterns overwhelming. Just got my DYT cards in the mail today and plan to clean out my closet. Keep posting!

  2. Claire, the longer we are on this journey the better we can decide what works for us as individuals. I finally let go of my brown riding boots this winter. I was ready. I just launched a new blog for this type of content if you are interested in checking it out. http://www.stunningstyle.com

  3. I have just stumbled on your blog, trying to discover whether I am a T4/S3. And, by looking at your outfits, and reading your comments (read several posts so far), I think I am.
    I wear almost the same type of clothes as you do, and I feel so good in it :). Love your shirt dress and love the stripes (my favorite pattern)!

  4. Ana, you look great! Very much a Type 4 outfit, and I wore something just like this a few days ago! Stripes are my favorite color, according to my 6-year-old. My secondary three comes out in edgier details, and I’ve refined my style even more int he year since this was posted. Mostly in the details. I’ve actually moved all of my DYT and outfits to a different blog, http://www.stunningstyle.com. I post my outfits every Wednesday. I’d love to see you over there!

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