DYT Type 4 Outfits – Week 6

Type 4 moment blast from the past:

The first time my husband told my he loved me (so romantic), I gave him my most skeptical look and said, “Are you sure?” Not so romantic. Lucky for me he persevered.

The warm weather is hanging on, here, and even though it is technically time to start wearing the fall capsule wardrobe I’ve planned, it would be unbearable. I’m trying a little by edging into pants when I could easily wear shorts, and cardigans for a level of interest when it is just too warm.



I like the idea behind this outfits of the white top, red pants, turquoise accessories, but the details are off. The necklace and shoes are too round for S3. I haven’t decided how I feel about this eyelet t-shirt. The hexagon pattern helps it be less S1, but we’ll see.


This dress is my first intentional deviation from the type 4 palette. I love charcoal, and I LOVE this dress. I love the keyhole, I love the shape, I love that it’s not sleeveless. I love it with the red shoes, however, these are not the right red shoes for this dress. Unfortunately they are the only red shoes I have. For now this dress is an intentional keeper.


This is the second semi-intentional deviation from the type 4 color palette. I didn’t wear it during my challenge because I had an inkling that it was a type 1 color. I wore this to church, and my husband leaned over and asked what was wrong with me. I told him I didn’t feel well, but couldn’t say specifically what was wrong. I just felt…wrong. He was half-joking when he asked, “Is it because that isn’t a type 4 dress?” Actually, yes. I felt AWFUL in this outfit. Really awful. I wanted to go home and change, but I didn’t. I kept thinking about what a lie it was. I loved this dress when I was breastfeeding my youngest. It was easy and comfortable and cute. Trouble is, I’M not cute, and I look ridiculous in something like this. My T1 sister-in-law IS cute, and looks fantastic in something like this. I got rid of this dress the very next day.


Remove the necklace and belt, and we have a winner. I bought this necklace in Thailand 3 years ago, and have only worn it maybe 5 times. Now I know it is because it is too bulky for me. I don’t like bulk, especially on the sides of my neck. It looks like a leigh. I look like I just got off the plane in Hawaii. Also the color is type 1.


This would be great if the shoes and necklace had different shapes, but I love the color combo. I think I’m going to have to part with both of them. They are too round for a secondary 3.


I have a lifelong love of spectator shoes. I went to my closet and counted 6 pair. I decided to try another pair of boyfriend jeans I have. These are Joe’s jeans. Can you see they aren’t as flattering as my beloved Express jeans? I’m still deciding what I think of this polka dot blouse.


I love this color combo. Easy, comfortable. I like it. HOWEVER, do you notice a trend where I felt like I had to wear bold colors every day? And several of them at a time sometimes? That’s not necessary. I thought I needed flats, a belt, a cardigan and a necklace in every color, but that’s not true. I mean, you can if you want, but it’s not what makes a type 4 outfit bold. Stick with me, the outfits do get better, I promise. This is the long learning curve I was in. Maybe I can save you some mistakes.

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