DYT Type 4 Outfits – Week 7

I was watching the club night about colors again and this conversation happened:

My husband: “So is club night like Fight Club, the first rule about club night is no one talks about club night?”
Me: “No, it’s the opposite, we never shut up about it.”
Him: “That’s true.”

The weather is starting to change, so I can finally break out some of my fall capsule wardrobe.


The temperature dropped 20 degrees overnight, so this light sweater was finally appropriate. I loved it as soon as I saw it, but now I wonder if the polka dots are too cute for me. Other than that I love the navy with a pop of red.


I think this is more of a type 4/3 polka dot. These are actually little crosses, but it gives the same effect without the cuteness. Brown isn’t a T4 color, but I’m not ready to part with these beautiful riding boots I love so much. Also, the jeans could be a darker wash. I like this outfit.


Everything about this is type 4, but it isn’t me. I’m wearing a costume, you see. I took my husband on a weekend getaway for his birthday to a mountain resort town. We were going to go hiking, but the weather had other plans. It was rainy and very muddy. I think puffy vests are great on other people, and now I know they aren’t great on me. I felt very uncomfortable.


The necklace color is technically type 4, but not bold enough to counter the shoes. Other than that, I like this: stripes and spectators.


This chambray isn’t saturated enough to be type 4, but I wanted to try it out. I felt fine in it. As time passes I may not. I’ve considered dying it, but I may just get rid of it. It drives me crazy that the sleeves won’t stay rolled.


Except for the necklace, because of the little balls, yes. The black and white stripes are bold, the red pants are bold, the t-strap sandals are parallel lines with perforations that make it S3. If I chose a different necklace that didn’t have the S1 element of the little balls, this would be perfect for me. As I collect more items I will find the items I need.


I love cobalt and turquoise. I love this dress. I went to my kids’ school to volunteer at an Ancient Greece activity, and I wore this dress instead of a sheet toga because my husband calls it my Greek Goddess dress. In this case, the sandals and necklace were perfect for the look I was going for, but in my real life some different sandals would be better. I need something with parallel lines instead of ovals. Also a different necklace would be better for me because this one is too S1 with the rounded shapes. It’s the details that will make it right or wrong for each person. On another person this would be perfect.

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