DYT Type 4 Outfits Week 8

DYT type 4 moment: The kids were watching The Lego Movie this morning, and I laughed so hard when Will Ferrell is talking to his son about why we don’t alter the Legos from their original design. I’m afraid I’ve had conversations like this with my kids. They weren’t about Legos, but it would be safe to say we talked about not mixing Play-doh colors and things like that. “You accidentally, expertly removed the top of the building?”



Yes. The stripes, the black and white, the splash of bold color are all type four. I do need a turquoise necklace and sandals with straight lines, but the idea behind it is a yes.


I like the idea behind this outfit, but not the execution. Black is very grounding for type 4s. When we need peace and soothing, black gives us that. Today was a very hard day. I knew it was going to be, so I decided to experiment with it, even though the weather is still really warm. I was in a hurry, and this is the first thing I grabbed. I used to love to wear all black, not in a goth way, but in a dressy, refined, elegant way. People gave me so much grief over it I eventually gave it up. “Are you sad? Do you have a funeral to go to? What’s wrong? Why are you depressed?” Nothing is wrong. I just like it. It feels good. Still, in the warmer months, it seems a little weird to wear all black. It seems unhappy. When the weather is fine, bright happy colors seem requisite. Too much black seems wrong, but is it?


I really liked this. I’ve loved these shoes since I first laid eyes on them, but they are eyelet, and very secondary 1 and don’t match my fierce personality.


I like this. Easy, comfortable, looks good. Again the roundness of the shoes and necklace, but in time I will find things that work better.


Today I had a lunch date with one of my dearest friends, who was in town from London. This is a good example of a type 4/3 outfit. The stripes are very bold. The shoes are parallel lines and reflective. I was very comfortable. The necklace beads are even long, almost rectangular beads instead of round.


This outfit also works because of the stripes, the bold colors, parallel lines in the sandals. The perforation detail in the sandals and the chevron shape in the necklace are both secondary 3 elements. This necklace was gold, and I painted it with silver polish because I didn’t want to give it up.


I need to paint the gold zipper silver, but I love this blouse. The zipper and sandals are both secondary 3 elements. The sweater has little 3D flowers on in that are really S1, so that doesn’t work.


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