Well into our New Year

Just a few pictures to catch up.

Daisy is crazy for her daddy.

And he is crazy for her.


A herd of 13 deer took up residence in our yard. I swear we are running a wild animal preserve. They love to hang out under my tree. They aren’t scared of me either. I don’t want them to eat my other trees, so I’ve tried throwing big things at them from the deck, yelling, they don’t care. The only way I can make any difference is by hiding and barking like a big dog. They ignore me for a few minutes then casually saunter off, only to return a little while later when the “dog” isn’t around.



Things tend to be mercifully quiet the first couple of months of the year. It is such a nice break after the sprint from October with fall break, 4 birthdays in one weekend, and Halloween, to Thanksgiving and then right into all of the Christmas festivities. It is especially hard when you are pregnant and in that first trimester zombie mode. What’s my name? What am I supposed to be doing? Now I’m well into my second trimester, so naturally I invited Cheri and her crew down to can a bunch of broth with all the turkey and chicken carcasses I was hoarding in my freezer.

Where did they all come from? Well, I asked my neighbors to save their turkey carcasses for me from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then at church the women had a roasted chicken dinner, and I brought home all those carcasses. I’m telling you, I have quite the reputation in the neighborhood. I told Cheri she should ask her neighbors to save theirs and she said, “April, I homeschool. Everyone already thinks I’m weird. This would just solidify it all. I just can’t be the crazy chicken lady too.” I get that. So she is the crazy homeschooler, and I’m the crazy chicken lady. We can share the crazy. There is plenty of crazy to go around. PLENTY of crazy. And chicken carcasses for that matter. We canned nearly 200 pints of broth and split it.

Adam went to Japan for two weeks. I came out of my room one night at 10 pm to get a drink and found Caisen asleep on the floor in the foyer.

2013-02-07 11.14.56
Gratuitous pregnant belly shot.

2013-02-12 08.12.05
In keeping with the worst tradition ever, Adam and I were apart on Valentine’s Day. To be fair, he got back laaaatttteee that night, but it doesn’t count. He did send me these beautiful roses though.

2013-02-24 08.51.52
Daisy and an unidentified accomplice playing with my camera.

2013-02-24 08.51.58

2013-03-10 11.04.14

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