Dressing Your Truth Type Four Thirty-Day Challenge – Part 1

Thank you for your interest in my post! This blog was always meant for friends and family, so this content has been moved to www.stunningstyle.com. You can find this post here. Please join me over for for outfits, recipes, and mommy magic. See you there!


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  1. thank u. i’ve been struggling with “fire and ice” for 4 yrs. all though i’ve done every video and book of carolsplus dyt program everheard of it before. but your explanation of your journey was very very similar. almost like delve. it left me excited and functional. what i mean is and probably u alreajustwanteddy know understand now what my dilemma has been.sothankuagain.i finally came home to my self. pleeassw don’t take this lightly for hope.idon’t d othis kind of thing.i

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