DYT T4/3 Outfits and Find Your Style – the Power of the Selfie

Instead of a type 4 moment, I’m going to share a personal insight. Since I started my DYT journey, I’ve taken a picture of my outfit every day. Before this, I had never taken a selfie. I just don’t do that, and I certainly don’t plaster my Facebook wall with them. Maybe that’s a type 4 thing. At first I only shared my selfies with my sister-in-law, who introduced me to Dressing Your Truth. A few weeks into my 30-day challenge, I joined the official type 4 Facebook page and started sharing my outfits there because I wanted to know if I was getting it right. A lot of the members share their outfits of the day for inspiration and critique (if asked for). I was so uncomfortable and embarrassed taking these pictures, and doubly so sharing them on that page, but I wanted feedback badly enough that I did it. There were actually a couple of times I accidentally shared them on my Facebook page. I nearly died. Delete, delete, delete! It’s too late though, it’s already in my friends’ feed.

Taking these pictures had an even bigger impact than I realized. As I was downloading my photos onto my computer, I separated my outfit pictures into a different folder, and as I flipped through them, I was able to see where I got it right, and where I went very, very wrong. In the beginning I kept it very simple, very type 4, very good. As I got into it, I felt like I had to be…more…awesome, and I started getting away from basic type 4 and heavily into secondary 1 influences. Then I got so mad that I had done that I launched into a heavy secondary 3 campaign and went to another extreme. Although the secondary 3 extreme was more appropriate because it is my actual secondary, it was still extreme, and too much for me.  I finally centered myself and came back to more basic type 4, more me. I still add my secondary 3 more often than not, but usually in subtle ways, like a textured sweater or some pointy patterns on my shirt. There are some days that I feel more fierce and it really shows in my selection for the day. Tracking these outfits is helping me fine tune my style and my wardrobe. This is especially important to me because I’m reducing the size of my wardrobe dramatically. The bulk of it is done, and now I’m fine tuning. Taking the pictures helped me see the trends. I’m finally arriving where I’ve been trying to get my whole life: classic with an edge/edgy preppy.

In the last few weeks, I realized that I’ve mostly worn black and/or white with blue. Cobalt blue, turquoise blue, navy blue, blue, blue, and blue. In three weeks, there were only 3 outfits that had another color added, and it was red or pink. I just went back through 6 weeks of outfits, and that is still the trend. It seems like once a week I bust out some really colorful combination, but for the most part it’s black, white and blue. This was not intentional. Blue has always been my favorite color, with a brief deviation to purple in the 4th grade. The outfits have also been fairly simple and not too busy, which is more appropriate for T4. The pictures have helped me see. I do still share them on the DYT type 4 page because there is very little representation of 4/3 there. Most of those who share their outfits are 4/1. They look perfectly fabulous for them, but I want those who are secondary 3 to see an example of what other secondaries can look like. I’m sharing them here for the same reason. Part of why I started out dressing with a secondary 1 influence is because that is what I saw. It’s hard for me to share my pictures, even six months later. My stomach flips and lurches every time I do it, but I hope someone else can learn from my mistakes and find their truth and style sooner. I’m not here for you to copy, because my style is my own, and so is yours, but we can all certainly inspire one another. One of the big lessons I’ve learned on this journey is to distinguish what I like on someone else, and what I like on me. They are often very different, and I can finally stop trying to wear things that I admire on others because now I know what is right for my energy.

Try taking pictures of your outfits. You don’t have to share them with a soul. They can be just for you, but I guarantee you will learn from them, and it might help you find your path more quickly.

Now, on to my black, white and blue outfits.

 Long white cable knit turtleneck sweater, destroyed jeans, red rain boots. 2016-01-25 12.05.47

This is cozy and comfy with a splash of patent red on my feet. I love the zipper on these boots, and I love the shiny, perfectly bold red. I wish the zipper were silver. I’ll have to decide if I want to paint it silver. I’ve done it on a few shirts. Secondary 3 elements include the texture of my sweater, and the looser shape, the distressing in my jeans, and the zipper on the boots.

Cobalt sweater, stripes, faux leather pants, turquoise flats 2016-01-26 09.17.14 (1)

I love these faux leather pants. They change the mood of an outfit. If I had worn this ensemble with regular black or dark wash jeggings, the outfit wouldn’t be nearly as fierce, and on a different day, that will be perfect. I’m trying to decide about these earrings. I bought them 2.5 months ago, but haven’t worn them. They spark joy when I see them and hold them, but I always take them off within a minute of putting them on. Ultimately I decided they aren’t for me, although I wanted them to be because they are my favorite color. There were too many “if onlys”. If only they were a little shorter, the trim weren’t gold, the color were more saturated. I’m not settling for almost. Secondary 3 elements include the faux leather pants, the bolder stripe and the arrow bracelet. I would prefer if the shoes were pointy toed, but I love the color and the patent, and they are so comfortable that they are staying until I find something more perfect.

Neon pink sweater, silver metallic flats, dark wash skinnies. 2016-01-27 13.58.20 (1)

Today I had errands and the normal crazy Wednesday stuff. This bright pink helped me feel more energetic and happy, and the whole outfit is very comfortable and easy to wear, as always. These shoes have become favorites, and as they break in and the weather warms up, they will get a lot of wear. I also love the bracelet. It gives me some S3 through texture but not with a fierce look. That’s not what I need today. It’s also small enough for my little wrists that it doesn’t move around, and it is very lightweight. The bracelet is the only secondary 3 element.

Black and white striped sweater, white button shirt, destroyed jeans, red flats 2016-01-28 09.43.54 (1)

I love stripes, I love button ups, I love a splash of color, and I love these shoes. This is an outfit that I wonder if I would enjoy red earrings for a splash of color if I wore black suede booties or flats instead of red flats. I tried on a red necklace but took it off because it was fighting with the stripes. For now I’m sticking to silver jewelry most days. Secondary 3 elements include the distressed jeans and the suede texture of my flats. I do wish they were leather or patent leather because suede stains, and then the color won’t be saturated anymore.

Black leather moto jacket, navy and white striped shirt, destroyed jeans, black suede booties 2016-01-29 12.23.56 (1)

This was an outfit born of necessity. I got my hair trimmed today finally, and I didn’t want to wear a collar, a sweater, or a wool coat that would catch hair. Also the snow has melted enough to be able to wear my suede booties again. I bought this genuine turquoise necklace on a trip to Mexico 12 years ago, and as I was cleaning out my jewelry box, I realized how perfectly 4/3 it is. I’ve always loved it but had put it away as statement necklaces became all the rage. The color is more saturated than the picture shows. This one is going back in the rotation.

Long black cable knit turtleneck sweater, destroyed jeans, black strappy leather booties 2016-01-14 13.44.46

A storm blew in last night and it’s just nasty outside. This has felt perfect all day. I even wore it on my date with my husband. I usually dress up when we go out, but it’s too cold and windy and snowy for that. I’ve decided this sweater is a keeper. As I’ve been KonMari-ing my closet and working my way down to a capsule wardrobe that is perfectly me, I’m evaluating each and every piece to see if it sparks joy. The trouble I had before with this sweater is I kept putting it on and then tackling a big project in the house, so I got hot and uncomfortable and peeled it off. It didn’t spark joy on those days. It was just bad timing. Today it was perfect.

Black turtleneck sweater, black and white geometric skirt, tall black boots, shiny silver cuff 2016-01-31 14.21.20

Here’s a confession that could get me voted off the island: I’m a type 4 and I don’t like houndstooth. I like it on other people, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it, much less wear it. I pick it up, I put it down, I walk away. This is another skirt I got in the trade with my type 2 friend. The pattern is kind of like houndstooth but I like it better because it is more geometric with crisp lines. I do wish it were white, but this off white is still working for me. I decided on a cuff instead of a necklace. It’s a good thing I was feeling bold. We went to the young single adult ward with Adam’s cousin because she is leaving on a mission, and the only spot available was…the front row. With my six little ones in tow, I cruised down to the front about 5 minutes late. It’s an hour away and Google led us astray with directions. Ours were the only kids under 18 in attendance. Talk about being in the spotlight.

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8 thoughts on “DYT T4/3 Outfits and Find Your Style – the Power of the Selfie”

  1. I love your insights. Thanks to putting yourself out there, your style sense has improved incredibly. It is an inspiration for me, since we have so little representation on the main board as you say. Your outfits just keep getting better and better! 🙂

    It is so difficult as well to add the exact amount of secondary 3 without overdoing it, isn’t it? But since we are also this all or nothing, we need to go all the way and then step back and find our sweet (or edgy :P) spot.

  2. I’m finding much inspiration in your outfits, but I would love some ideas on the brands or where to find them. Especially the black boots, black sweater, and white sweater!

  3. Love your outfits this week! Thanks to this post I’ve been taking my pics, although I haven’t been posting them to the fb group. I need to take them in better light and then I’d be more willing to post.

    I’m sure it’ll be encouraging to look back on my beginning DYT days and see how my style evolves and improves!

  4. Elizabeth, I’m so glad you are feeling inspired. I mostly buy things from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Express (their jeans are the greatest), and Nordstrom Rack is where I get most of my shoes. Because the boho look is really in right now, it can be hard to find T4 things. I’ve gone in search of specific things on Poshmark. That’s where I found the black sweater (the brand is Ann Taylor), the white sweater is from H&M, the strappy black boots are called Kiera by Dolce Vita brand. I get specific things in mind that I want, and I search high and low for them. I couldn’t find a black sweater like that in stores, so I searched and found one on Poshmark. Ebay is also sometimes a good place to find that unfindable thing. I got some cobalt blue shorts with zippers on there last summer. I wish I could give you links to them, but most of them aren’t available anymore.

  5. Sandra, thank you! I have come a very long way. It was pretty bad in the beginning, but that probably happens to most people who start this process. At least, that is what I will tell myself.

  6. Yay! I love all of the outfits, especially the pencil skirt. 😉 I’m going to have to start doing the selfie thing more often and figure out what I really do feel best in. I love that you’ve found your YOU!

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