DYT T4/3 Outfits 2-29-16

Type 4 moment: I have this problem. I want what I want, and I want it how I want it. Adam has always teased me that I’m like Sally in When Harry Met Sally. I never order anything in a restaurant the way it is offered on the menu. I have to improve it for the chef. I am always in search of the perfect version of an item, like the turquoise necklace I wore nearly every day this week. I finally found the perfect T4 turquoise necklace, and I will be wearing it all the time, but it took me 8 months to find it. Finding the type 4 turquoise color is hard enough, but then the shape of the necklace has to be right as well. Nothing too round, which is a lot of what is out there. I fixate on it until I find it. If I settle for good enough, it’s intentional and because I don’t care enough about that thing to find the perfect one. That rarely happens, though. I have to make things perfect. I’ve always been an editor by nature.

2016-02-22 10.18.27

Today was my first day out of bed in 8 days. I was still too weak to fake a smile. I had a doctor appointment so I left the house briefly. Wearing my favorite blues to lifted me. Last night before bed I took a scalding hot shower and scrubbed my skin raw. I stripped and remade the bed, sanitized my computer and phone and everything on my night stand. I want the germs to die. I wasn’t ready to be out of bed, but my husband had to go out of town, so I really had no choice. S3 elements include moto jacket with all the zippers.

2016-02-23 10.40.32

Wearing my favorite blues always helps me feel better: cobalt blue stripes and turquoise. Aside from school pick ups and drop offs, today was very calm, so I rested as much as possible because Wednesday and Thursday will be crazy, and I still feel weak. No S3 elements.

2016-02-24 08.11.20 2016-02-24 08.11.59

I’m trying to channel better energy and look friendlier than I feel. I love orange and cobalt blue together. I’m still very weak from the flu and need to be in bed, but I have parent teacher conferences for 5 kids, an orthodontist appointment, carpool and dance drop offs and pick ups and my husband has been gone since Monday. I really like this blouse but need to paint the rivets silver. The other thing I don’t love is the extra fabric in the sleeve, so I will take that in to make it slimmer and more tailored (more perfect). S3 elements include the diamond pattern and the rivets on the blouse.

2016-02-24 08.12.29 2016-02-25 09.42.44 2016-02-25 09.36.29

Cobalt blue stripes, cobalt sweater, black skinnies, lemon yellow necklace and silver flats. Last night I slept from 9:15-7:45. I needed it. I have another big day volunteering at the book fair and dinner with friends that we planned a month ago. I got elegant several times at the book fair yesterday. “Wow you look so elegant today.” And a lot of love for the yellow necklace. S3 elements include the pointy shapes on my necklace, which has gold hardware, but since it blends in with the yellow, I’m not going to bother painting it.

2016-02-26 10.02.52

Blue and white. Again. I have more striped shirts than is healthy or normal. I love the shoulder zippers, even though they are gold. I doubt I’ll bother painting them. Maybe I will. S3 elements include zipper detail on the shirt.

2016-02-26 10.00.53

And that was the end of me being out of bed for this week. I spent Friday afternoon through Monday morning in bed because I was still so sick.


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2 thoughts on “DYT T4/3 Outfits 2-29-16”

  1. I found you through the comments at the Daily Connossieur….

    I’m a type 4 and I can’t decide my secondary. For several months I thought it was 2, but now I’m considering it might be 3. I feel like I identify with both equally.

    Anyway, I’ve added your blog to my reader and look forward to seeing the outfits you put together.

  2. Jill thank you! I hope you find something useful that will help you figure out your secondary. I probably won’t be posting for a few weeks because we have a super full schedule, but if you read through my previous posts, I share a lot of insight about my process. I kept track of my 30-day challenge where I made a lot of mistakes and leaned heavily in the secondary 1. That was a huge mistake for me because I honestly don’t think I have an ounce of 1 in me. I also wrote a before and after post.

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