DYT Type 4/3 Outfits

Another week of outfits as I home in on my personal type 4/3 style.

2016-01-11 12.33.04

I needed simple and soothing today, especially bc it is my kindergarten volunteer day. I needed to also look friendly to my little friends at school. I am wearing a navy sweater, dark wash jeans, and my favorite turquoise to hopefully brighten my day. No earrings. Also, I did it. I wore the brown boots again. I wanted to wear them last week with the fair isle sweater and didn’t and wished all day that I had. Honestly, I still love them. I don’t want to always wear black boots, and for a few months of the year here, flats just aren’t an option because of snow and slush and, just, cold. These are staying in my closet for now. In a month or a year I may feel differently, but right now these boots spark joy. They are gorgeous leather and very well made. I like them with navy. I know many type fours would never wear them, but I am, unapologetically. No S3 elements.

2016-01-12 14.03.51   2016-01-12 14.22.512016-01-12 14.08.552016-01-12 14.09.07

I know the pinstripe of my shirt isn’t bold from a distance, but it’s bold up close, and that is where I can see it. I still love this shirt and am keeping it as my substitute chambray. I was stopped by several women while I was out this morning to tell me they loved my style and 3 different women said I look like a J. Crew catalog. I’m not sure I want to look like a catalog because I want to be me instead of a copy of someone else’s style, but I do love that store, and I know they meant it as a compliment. In fairness, the shirt, sweater and shoes are J.Crew and I was wearing my J.Crew coat, sooo…I kind of am wearing what could be a catalog outfit. I hope these silver flats break in soon. I love them, but they are so stiff and uncomfortable. The only S3 element could be the texture of the necklace. This is actually the black necklace, I just flipped it over for a different look.

2016-01-13 11.18.57 (1)

I’ve been wondering whether I really enjoy colored jeans in the winter. I’ve decided I definitely don’t like them with riding boots on me. I don’t have a reason for you. I just don’t. I think I do like them like this, with flats or oxfords. We’ll see in a few weeks when clarity sets in, but today I don’t feel cute or busy in this, which is what I’m trying to avoid. I have a special love for spectator shoes, and a spectator oxford? *Sigh* I originally wanted to wear this with my navy sweater, but I wanted to wear these shoes, so I went with black. The only S3 element is the chevron necklace.

2016-01-14 13.43.27 (1) 2016-01-14 13.44.11 (1) 3400225(1)

2016-01-14 13.44.46 2016-01-14 13.44.51

THIS. THIS is the flannel/plaid shirt of my dreams. Turquoise and cobalt blue. Swoon! I needed something fiercer today, so I paired it with faux leather pants, bitchin boots, a studded bracelet, earrings that could definitely put an eye out, and an attitude to match. Lots of S3 today. The exposed zipper, the extra straps and the studs on the boots, the studded bracelet, the pants, the necklace, the pointy, dangerous earrings.

2016-01-15 09.46.342016-01-15 09.41.18

I got up, got dressed, opened the bedroom shades and saw that it had snowed. And it was still snowing. So I changed my clothes. I have a physically laborious day today while I pack and get us out the door for a trip, and I have to go out in the snow a lot today, so this is an outfit of practicality. My Sorels are T2, but they are my snow boots, so it is what it is. I thought about putting on a puffer vest, but I have only worn one 3 times, and it doesn’t seem very me. I decided on this fleece jacket that is comfortable, warm, actually has a nice structured fit, and is something I love to wear. It also washes great so it doesn’t matter if I get it dirty while I’m loading and unloading the car in the snow. I wore the turquoise triangle bib necklace for fun.

We spent the next 3 days out of town skiing, and I didn’t have any outfits. Base layer and pajamas were what I wore all weekend.


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