DYT Type Four Outfits Week 15

Type 4 moment: When we bought this house, the basement was unfinished. We only had 3 finished bedrooms and 5 kids. Then I got pregnant with my 6th, and I accepted the fact that it had to happen. My husband wanted to go ahead and do the whole thing, but I insisted on only doing the bedrooms and bathroom because I wanted to really think through and plan exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to be pushed into doing something haphazardly and down the line realize that what I really wanted was something else. It took a total of two years to finish the whole thing because I wouldn’t be rushed. I had to have the perfect plan and think through every detail. The result? We love it.

I’m starting realize I’d gone too far to the secondary 3 side of things, and I really need to focus on the type 4 and avoiding secondary 1. I’m finally starting to hit my stride and find my style. I know it will continue to evolve, but I’m finally getting there.


I liked this. The shirt has cobalt blue polka dots, but they aren’t in your face. I love blue and orange together. I call this my Edward Scissorhands necklace. It could definitely be used as a weapon, which is S3, but it is shiny and reflective, which is type 4. The boots are also S3 with the straps and silver zipper. I would probably skip the studded jeans next time.



I had wanted a fair isle sweater for ages. I bought one last year, but when I pulled it out this year, I realized it is too busy, and the colors are type 2. I tried to wear it two different days and took it off before I left the bedroom. I found this one and really love it. All the angles and parallel lines, the navy and white, not too big and bulky. Perfect type 4/3. The angles on the sweater and the boots are S3.


20151202_100128 20151202_095318

I also love this. I love the pinstripe shirt with the black and the silver angular necklace. It is bold and gorgeous. The ONLY thing I don’t love about this necklace is it is etched instead of shiny and reflective. If it were, it would be PERFECT. The bracelet is arrows and also S3. I love it. There aren’t many bracelets I can stand to wear, but this one is small enough for my wrists, and when I put it on top of the sweater, it stays put. The rest of the elements are T4.



Stars belong to type 1, but I though maybe I could make this sweater work for me. I don’t like it this way. Also, the stars aren’t white white, and they are laced with gold threads. I think it’s a goner. Still struggling with these jeans, but I think they aren’t going to make the cut. You’ll notice my pointy-toed red flats. I finally found some, and I love them.



I really like this. Faux leather equals type 4/3 happiness. A cardigan doesn’t have to be cute. I like the bright yellow trainers with it. This look isn’t for everyone, but I like it.



Date night with my husband. He loves this dress. It looks black, but is actually navy. The lighting in my bedroom at night is just not excellent. I also love this dagger crystal necklace and these killer shoes. I love this color. The whole thing is perfect for me, and my sweetie loved it. I also received compliments at the theater.



I had a very busy day, and this was perfectly comfortable and right for what I needed to do. Remember those powder blue Sperrys that I didn’t really like? I dyed them navy with suede dye. It was really easy. Now I love them and will wear them often.

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