Wrapping Up the School Year

I realized that I somehow forgot to post the May and July family posts, so they are showing up…late.

May is always a busy month with all of the end of the school year activities, but it is all fun stuff that the kids look forward to, beautiful weather and spring fever.


Caisen’s first grade class put on the cutest plays. His play was the boy who cried wolf. Caisen was a farmer in the orange bandana. He memorized his lines all on his own without mentioning it to me.


Big girl Georgia wanted her own chair.


Oh how I love this garden! It is my happy place. Along the porch rail are climbing roses and in the back corner are holly hocks that never fully died back because of the southern exposure and the residual heat from the house. The roses are so small this year, but they have taken off like crazy this year.


Daisy had the cutest Mother’s Day program in preschool, and it was just heart melting.


They sang the cutest songs, and Daisy was so into it.


This video is the greatest Mother’s Day present ever.


Brinlee had her last competition of the year.


These are always so fun.


It’s her favorite part of dance. She loves the costumes, performing, competing, her teammates.




Grandma came to watch.


Kimball got to read a creative story he wrote at school.


Down below the bench my first rose is blooming and the hollyhocks are growing like crazy!


I decided to rearrange this front bed (instead of packing for our cross-country trip). I have this problem where, when I feel overwhelmed by a task at hand, I fixate on something non-essential, like re-landscaping my flower beds.


Look what I grew! My climbing roses have finally filled in and are starting to bloom! They smell as good as they look.





I also decided to finally plant evergreen euonymus bushes between the lilacs.



Daisy looks at me and says, “Mommy you have a little smoothie right by your mouth.” Do I? Because I think you have the whole thing on your face.

Brinlee also did a reading at school.


The finished product after a week if digging. It will look great when it fills in.


I love how sweet the kids are with Georgia.


Brinlee was playing with her sister so lovingly.


On Daisy’s last day of preschool she was so sad to leave Ms. Gady. She loves her. This is also the one day I chose her clothes and didn’t let her help with her hair. That only happens a couple of times a year.


Now that Georgia is officially 2 years old, and officially too old to have her age counted in months, I vow not to refer to her as a baby. To other people. Even though she is my last baby. I know she will always be my baby, but one day I realized I had to draw a line in the sand. I was talking to some people and said I needed to get home to put my baby to bed. They asked me how how old she was and I said, “23 months”, and then I got the “23 months is a toddler, not a baby” look from them, and I knew I’d have to stop calling her a baby to other people. So that day I decided I would stop when she was 2 years old, and not 24 months. She’s two now, and I’m so sad about it.


I love the spectacular sunsets here.


Georgia loves almond butter, and eating it straight from the (mostly empty) jar is the best way.

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