DYT Type 4 Week 10

T4 moment: I like to move in a straight line from point A to point B, and if there are things in the floor that I have to step over or zigzag around, it makes me crazy. Long before I discovered DYT, I can’t tell you how many times I said to my kids, “Please come pick up these things. I can’t stand it when I can’t even walk in a straight line to get from here to there.” When you have six kids in six years, though, zigzagging through the house is just part of life. I’ll never stop asking them to pick it up or trying to train them not to drop their shoes and coats in the doorway, but I’ve long ago accepted that this is part of the joys of kids.



I went to an awards luncheon today. I wore my classic black suit, a type 4 colored button up and a colorful necklace. This is another pair of spectator heels I own. They are nude and black, but I love them. They were a gift from my husband. He bought them for me on a trip to New York, and they are just too beautiful to let go of.


Very T4/3. Bold stripes, right color on the pants and black boots. The chevron necklace, the pebbled texture on the boots and the extra wide stripes are all S3 elements.


I know the Sperrys are the wrong color. I actually hated the color when I bought them, but I loved the crystals on the toes, and they are so comfortable they feel like slippers. Today I needed that, so I ignored the color today, but I have a plan to make them type 4 fantastic. The Eiffel Tower triangular shape is a S3 element, the rest (aside from the color of the shoes) is type 4. This is a great place to point out that seeing the baby blue next to the bold type 4 hues shoes how very out of place it is.


My T4 geek chic. I bought this shirt in…London, of course. My Converse are still pristine, but it feels like the nine lives of a cat. How many times can I wear them before something disastrous like tomato sauce happens?


Today I was canning chili, but that doesn’t mean I need to dress like a slob. I always still put on something I like, though I don’t wear silk. It might be a nice t-shirt or button up like this. I have a strict rule of closed toed shoes with a good sole and long pants when I’m canning. If boiling water or chili spill on my legs or feet, this will give me protection. I also wear an apron to protect my clothes. I never wear my favorite things, but I still wear clothes I feel good in.

2015-10-31 16.39.48

Bonus outfit: Halloween costume. My 9-year-old type 1/4 daughter asked me to be matching Greek Goddesses for Halloween. Dressing up isn’t my thing, and internally I groaned, but then I thought, “How many more years will this sweet girl want to do something like have matching costumes?” So we did it! I’ll tell you, finding a Greek Goddess costume that isn’t skanky is no small chore, but this one was pretty good. I already had the sandals. Aside from the gold trim this is a type 4 costume, but even if she had asked me to dress up as something not type 4, I would have done it. We had fun.


I’ve decided I don’t care for peep-toe shoes, though I do love the color, and I love hot pink and turquoise together. I do love this skirt.


This was another experiment wearing my brown riding boots. Not my favorite outfit for a lot of reasons. Technically a T4 outfit from the knees up, but I didn’t love it.

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