DYT Type 4 Week 17 – Finding Middle

The pendulum arc is shortening. When I started DYT, I ended up way over to the secondary 1 side of cute. Once I realized my error, I swung drastically the opposite direction with a heavy secondary 3 injection. That was too much. The pendulum has gone from one drastic to the other, and slowly, it has slowed and is finding middle. I’m learning how to channel the energy I need for the day with my clothing selection. I don’t need to feel or be fierce when I’m volunteering in my daughter’s kindergarten class, so I don’t dress that way. I can wear all black and no jewelry when I need stillness and to center myself. I can wear some extra color when I know I need to be more social. Some days I know I’ve got a fight coming, and I dress more fiercely.


Another type 4 argyle! Yes! S3 elements include the chevron necklace and pebbled texture of my boots.


This sweater isn’t crisp white, but I love it during these super cold months. I don’t have hardly anything long enough to wear with leggings, and I’m keeping this one. By the way, I’m strictly in the “leggings aren’t pants” camp. If the top doesn’t cover my bum, I’m not wearing it with leggings. Also Zella Live In leggings are the greatest leggings ever. Buy them. They are worth every penny.


I also liked this a lot. Black sweater with cobalt blue polka dots underneath, faux leather pants (not leggings. Pants. With a zipper, button, pockets and all). The boots with all the straps and the pants are S3.




I’m finally finding center for me. I really love stripes. I always have. Can you tell?

20151217_115816 20151217_120149

This was another day I needed something extra comfortable and easy. I was getting my Konmari on. Here is an up close of the Sperrys I dyed from baby blue to navy blue.


20151218_112200 20151218_111913

This I loved. Cobalt sweater with cobalt polka dots, and the necklace is a Greek key pattern with a lapis lazuli stone in the center. I bought it on our trip to Greece 10 years ago. This is an outfit I chose because I was volunteering at school. I needed to be energetic and approachable. I was there to help with a 2-hour activity with 100 kindergartners. All in the same room together. There were drums. I deserve a medal.

20151219_135420 20151219_135448

Very definitely this. I get overwhelmed at large social gatherings. I tend to retreat to a corner and keep to myself, and others often interpret this as not liking them or being antisocial or stuck up. Not so. We were headed to a family party for my husband’s side, with roughly 100 people, which is exactly the kind of situation that drives me to the corner to keep to myself. I wore this to spark my energy and help me consciously be social and outwardly friendly. I look festive and approachable, right? I talked to people. I smiled. I even let a few people hug me. That’s big. I’m not a hugger unless we are married or you spent some quality time developing in my uterus. I also love this necklace. It is so perfectly type four with the parallel lines and shine. I really love it.

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  1. I love your comments about the kindergarten activity and hugging. 🙂 And that is a great necklace!

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