November 2006

A Life of Togetherness

Just a quick post to share the news that Sawyer will be coming home with Kimball and Brinlee on Saturday. / / / /Looking forward to the life these three will have together, I can only hope that, although they will not sleep in the same crib forever, they will continue to enjoy the closeness …

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The New Truth

So today our usual NP was back. She is always much slower and more cautious with the babies. She also sees them regularly and knows their history. Today she and the neonatologist sat down and reviewed their charts together. They decided that Brinlee and Kimball are ready to go home on Saturday. We get to …

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The Latest Rumors

Today the NP on duty (not our usual NP) called and said to plan on bringing Kimball home on Thursday. I don’t know if I believe that. Our usual NP is back tomorrow, and she is the calm voice of reason. These others who rarely see our children are the ones who do this crazy …

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Editor’s Correction

As a correction to the error below, Adam (I) state that he and the children do not wear their socks pulled up all the way.  This rumor surfaced during a trip to Utah when it was discovered that Adam’s brother was wearing no-show socks, which, when placed next to Adam’s neatly and perfectly placed socks, …

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Pictures by Request

A gran who misses her grandkids made a request for some new pictures. I hadn’t realized how long it’s been. Last week was pretty wild. I took plenty, I just hadn’t loaded them. / / / /A quick update. They are still talking about sending the kids home at the end of the week. We …

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The Final Countdown

Wow, this past week has flown and I can’t believe we haven’t gotten on here to share the drama.  As the kids march closer to coming home, we receive a myriad of differing information and dates as to when and what will happen.  Additionally, Adam’s parents have been visiting and helping us accomplish many needed …

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