Year: 2006

At Last

At last we will be a complete family again. Friday afternoon I got to go get Sawyer from the hospital. Adam has been out of town for work and is arriving home tonight. The doctor offered to let Sawyer stay until tomorrow morning so Adam could get home, but we declined. We wanted him home a soon …

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The Playboy of the PICU

We’ve been so sad having to leave Sawyer at the hospital every day. To make it worse, I imagined that he just lay in his crib so lonely when one of us wasn’t there to hold and love him. That particular worry has been laid to rest. Apparently, Sawyer is the Playboy of the PICU. …

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Kimball the Punisher

Most babies cry to communicate. Brinlee has developed her own communication system of giving one or two angry shrieks to let you know she does not approve of what you have just done or are not doing fast enough. / / / /Kimball debuted his own new system of displaying disapproval yesterday. Whenever the kids …

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Sawyer the Charmer

Sawyer won’t let a little thing like being in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) stop him from being charming, adorable and naughty all at the same time. Yesterday when we went to visit him, we got half way to the room when we realized we’d left some things in the back of the car. …

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Sweet Sawyer Needs Prayers

Since we’ve been home Sawyer has had several serious apnea episodes, sometimes turning gray or blue. Thank goodness for those monitors. Sometimes we were right there and didn’t see it. Their pediatrician received the download report from the monitor yesterday and was very concerned. She called and said that if he had 2 more serious …

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