Christmas in a New Home

December 2011 To say Daisy loves sour cream is an understatement of epic proportions. She would eat a tub of it for dinner, no problem. The kids started at a new preschool that is owned by Aunt Cheri’s sister-in-law, Jen. Jen and I just consider each other family now. They had a great time at …

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First Trip to Zions

In November we got our first chickens! Someone on Freecycle was giving away chickens, coops, supplies, everything, because they had just discovered egg allergies in the family. Adam was out of town, but I rented a small u-haul and went to pick it up. Our home teachers helped me unload everything. A week later the …

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Family Pictures

Adam’s cousin’s wife is so talented. She is extremely creative and good at everything she tries. She wanted to become a photographer, and had so much talent that without any formal training she built a business very quickly, and even does annual photography retreats where she trains other photographers. She took these incredible pictures for …

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