All about our family of eight: triplets + three singletons!

Marching into Madness

We’re still on the GAPS diet and slowly progressing through the intro stages. Remember Daisy’s angelic behavior? It went on for a couple of weeks until we introduced avocado. She immediately started having meltdowns. She cried over everything, just like before, so we removed avocado again. Every few days we’d try it, and if she …

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Starting the GAPS Diet

February is typically a fairly quiet month for us, with the only excitement being Valentine’s Day and sometimes a dance competition for Brinlee. This year it was bigger than that. After removing dairy and gluten from our family’s diet, Daisy’s and Sawyer’s sinus problems cleared up. I swear Daisy’s hearing also improved. She stopped saying, …

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It Hasn’t Gotten Better

It hasn’t gotten better. In fact, the hits just keep on coming. If it were possible for my head to spontaneously combust from frustration, there would be flames shooting out of my eyes, ears, mouth and nose right now. It started out well enough. The basement was finally finished. Two years later, even though we did …

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Let’s try this again

After a very long break from blogging, I’m catching up on 3.5 years of posts and pictures. A lot has happened. Three big reasons the blog got left behind: it was broken, my camera got washed and 9 months of pictures went down the drain (literally) and I was trying to recover them, I have …

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